Summer in the Valley - 2009

The Hotel has been open since the winter - and as the spring winds calm down, the summer heat sets in. Guests can now enjoy a cool oasis in the hot red desert and dine in comfort atop the mesa.

Rim Trail

Rim Trail
Monument Valley
2nd Story Lobby
Room Balcony

Eye on The Past

Photos of the Completed Project will no doubt proliferate as time goes on, but they may be a bit misleading as to the true nature of the project.

The idea of an imposed pure form in a purer pristine environment - that is what the project aspires to be.

However, the hotel was not built on a pristine site, nor was it imposed on a pure landscape. On the contrary, it may actually serve to clean up and better organize the human activities in the immediate area.

Where the hotel now sits were the park's many maintenance buildings and storage facilities. They have been relocated down the road away from the rim and farther away from the park.

The hotel sits at the edge of the valley, not in the valley itself. It adjoins the 50-year-old Visitor Center.

Blessing for an Opening

Major Players were on hand for the grand opening celebration. A quiet and clear January afternoon greeted dignitaries for the indoor / outdoor ceremony

Executive and legislative branches of the Navajo Nation were well represented and key members took part in the blessing ceremony

Completed hotel offers 96 rooms including 3 super suites

Dining Area accommodates parties of up to 275 people

South facing terraces were used for speeches and presentations

Blessing ceremony took place in 2-story lobby

- recent article on the happening:

Open for Business

90 new rooms now overlook the old valley - Monument Valley is so old in fact that some of its rock layers predate land animals on earth - solid for half a billion years, the ancient dunes are slipping back into sand again as if right before our eyes.

Holiday in the Valley

A dusting of show sets off the VIEW under quiet sky and soft solstice sun.
This was a perfect day to celebrate the opening of the new restaurant and hotel - a venue for overnight party goers to explore and enjoy.